You Can’t Fight a Bear, You Have To Play Dead.

sam L
2 min readMar 6, 2022

A good friend of mine and I were talking about what’s happening in Ukraine. I said that Putin is backed in a corner and has to fight to the end. He said, if that is the case, Zelensky is going about this all wrong, he is poking the bear in the eye and he needs to stop.

I thought about that and thought how apt the analogy is that Russia is the bear.

You see when you go for a hike and you meet a bear you have a split second to make the bear run away by yelling and throwing rocks. If you don’t do this and you run, the bear will chase you down and take you. At this point, the worst thing you can do is fight the bear. The bear will not stop, the bear will rip off your face and rip out your guts and leave you for dead. Why? The bear has no interest in actually eating you, you are not honey or berries or fish. The bear has one goal: protect the territory.

What should you do? Play dead. Bear is not interested in dead things. He will smell you and walk away. That’s when you shoot the bear.

Ukraine didn’t do this. It ran and begged for help. No one came and the Russian bear ran after Ukraine. Once on the ground, Zelensky started showing off to the world just how well he fights a bear. At first, the Russian bear just talked him with a few ill-trained troops, but once Zelensky showed he wants to fight, Putin with no way out and a need to protect his reputation unleashed the full savage might of the Russian army. It doesn’t matter that some left, it doesn’t matter that many died, it doesn’t matter that some rockets were duds or tanks broke down. Because there are so many more where that came from. Furthermore, the difference between a civilized nice army and Russia, is Russia doesn’t care, it is a savage beast that might look clumsy but will destroy you.

Zelensky should have taken the deal. Zelensky should play dead. Zelensky should save the nation and pretend to be dead. Let the bear walk away, and then shoot. This is what Afghanistan’s mujahadeen did, and this is why they won.