Why “Black People Burn Their Neighborhood”

  1. When you see no justice where you live, when you are attacked with impunity and have no recourse, you know it is not your neighborhood.
  2. When you can’t get a loan, when you are repressed and you see people who are immigrants but are able to rise and become the merchant where you spend your money, then you see the injustice.
  3. When you are poor and have nothing, you will go and take it because you finally can get something.
  4. Notice that police don’t stop looting in their area, nor are the fire departments. Because they are happy to see them do this.
  5. It was not black people, it was all people in the area. To say why “they” are burning things is to imply it is only black people, but it is all poor people.
  6. When you dismiss law and show a preference for enforcement against some and ignore laws against others, you negated all laws. To ignore laws is to invite a pandemic.
  7. They are poor, they often don’t have cars. They will go where they can and it is their neighborhood.
  8. They know that if they were to lift a pinky in the white wealthy neighborhoods, police wouldn’t spare bullets, the army wouldn’t spare bombs, the retribution would be swift and unforgiving. They can riot in their poverty-stricken areas where they attack the poor immigrant merchants, but if they were to take on the actual power, they would be destroyed.
  9. When a white person says: “they burned their own areas.” Do you really want them to burn white areas, the way it happened in 1992 in Los Angeles?
  10. “They” did not burn down their businesses and homes. They young and the angry and the criminals did. They did not loot their own businesses and burn down their buildings, the poor and the angry did. There were no kids looting, no old, most people were at home and most people the following day, black, white and brown from the neighborhoods come out the next day and cleanup. To call all people who loot as black and to put them all into one group is definition of stereotype.



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sam L

sam L

Just a guy telling a story.