To Carry A Gun Is Legal, But To Do This Research For CDC Is Illegal.

Common Attributions

Before I dive into the gun vs state data, I’d like to say that I did look at the normally assumed causes of death and murder: population and poverty.

Poverty rate vs death rates and murder rates.
Population vs death rates and murder rates.

Mass Shootings

Mass shooting incidents vs state from 1949 to 2021
Mass shooting deaths from 1949 to 2021 by state.
Mass shooting incidents from 1949 to 2021
Mas shooting deaths vs party from 1949 to 2021

School Shootings

So school shootings are tough. There have been so many, especially since 2010. Before 2010 there were 69. Then from 2010 to 2020, there were over 250! They are not always deadly or result in mass casualties, they do often leave many children injured for life and psychologically damaged. It’s sick to imagine that school shootings became so common that we rarely hear of them unless they cause mass death.

School shooting incidents by state from 2000 to 2021.
Deaths in School Shootings by State
School shooting injuries vs deaths by state 2000 to 2021 with size showing amount of deaths.
Individual school shootings in deaths vs injuries by state and party 2000 to 2021
School shooting deaths by state party from 2000 to 2021.
Aggregate school shooting incidents by state party from 2000 to 2021.

Comprehensive Totals

So this part is the one that is most comprehensive but is also most interesting because here we have a lot of data. Here we look at gun ownership rates and gun violence in general and we look at whether it is safer to live in a Democrat state or Republican state. This is the real information that Republicans in Congress have been working hard to suppress by refusing to give CDC the power to study gun violence.

Population vs Murder Rate with colors for states and size of bubble for gun ownership.
Population vs Murder Rate with colors for states and size of bubble for gun rank.
Gun Ownership vs Gun Rank
Death rate vs Gun ownership and State Gun Rank per AZ Defender
Murder rate vs gun ownership and gun law rank.
Gun law rank vs Gun Ownership vs Gun Ownership
Murder rate vs Gun Ownership and Gun Rank with size dictate by Murder.


So again I think the plots show the relationships pretty clearly the interplay between laws and ownership and the consequences on our society through deaths, mass shootings, and school shootings. But I’d like to use one more table to really drive the message home of just how dangerous lax laws and having too many guns can be for the citizens of a state.


All information was scrapped from Wikipedia



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