Switzerland Secretly Joined Russia to Destroy Ukraine.

sam L
4 min readApr 28, 2023


For months now, Ukrainian, American, British and other western video bloggers and journalists focused on the the pawns and have ignored the big pieces on the chess board. They continuously talked about Russian losses as if Russia cared about those losses and ignored that Russia was doing what it needed to do. They assumed that just because it was going slow that Russia was failing, when in actuality, Russia was doing things on its own time frame. Today we find out that the checkmate is nearly complete and that “neutral” but never actually neutral Switzerland helped deal the death blow to democracy in Europe.

While Ukraine boasted of its soon to come counter-offensive and was slowly amassing troops and military, Russia was amassing its own super army, also waiting for conditions to improve but also used the tough winter to create massive attrition in the Ukrainian army by keeping them on a constant defense. It also focused the forces in three areas: Vuhledar, Bahmut and Avdiivka. This made Ukraine and the west hyperfocused on those areas while Russia was able to use the hyperfocus to monitor Ukrainian troop movements and setting the massive chain reaction that is unfolding in front of our eyes that no one is reporting because they have no idea what is about to hit them.

Over the past couple weeks, Russia began to use its aviation to deliver massive bombs and begin to raze cities causing mass casualties in the cities. They also started hunting key warehouses and baraks killing Ukrainian soldiers by the hundreds. The result is that reinforcements could not come to key cities and cities like Bahmut, Vuhledar and Avdiivka are in cauldrons. This means that the troops are trapped and cannot get out. They try but all the troop transports are in direct view of artillery and get destroyed. For instance two days ago 15 armored personnel carriers were destroyed on their way out of Bahmut. Now Bahmut currently has 3–5 brigades. Bahmut is a graveyard of 50,000 Russians but that doesn’t matter, Russia could lose 10 million and they wouldn’t bat an eye and still have 10 more million. But more importantly, Ukraine lost 20,000 soldiers. That’s 10% of their entire army. What’s worse is that there are up to 20,000 more soldiers in that cauldron and Russia will most likely try to kill them all and save a couple hundred for a trade.

What’s worse is that Russia has been on a big run destroying Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems and then following that up with precision strikes on the newly formed regiments that are supposed to be the back bone of the counter offensive. So the question is how did this happen?

We have to blame Ukraine for the hyperfocus and over relying on the West but also on another betrayal by the west. This time the Swiss. The Swiss for weeks have been delaying shipment of anti-aircraft munitions and actively destroying their own anti aircraft defenses that they could have sent and refused to. The munitions that would allow Ukraine to shoot down the drones that destroy the S-300 systems that protect the troops. The Swiss have made terrible excuses for this and the only real and possible explanation is that they sided with Putin and Putin’s money in their banks. They have completely undermined the ability of Ukraine to make the counter offensive and the current losses by Ukraine are about to get much worse.

All those cities that are encircled and about to lose some of Ukraines best, are on the path to the center of East Ukraine. They are on the path for Russia to make a deep drive deep into Ukraine and encircle nearly entire army of Ukraine. When that happens, it is a virtual check-mate as there will be no army for Ukraine to fight Russia. The west has no back bone and won’t help and we are about to see something that we could not ever imagine.

Putin will have taken Ukraine in about a year and a half, which is about how long it took Lenin to conquer Ukraine. Putin will then use Ukrainian people to send them into Europe to take Baltics and other East European countries, and the west will watch just as they watched in the 20th century.

It is hard to understate what role Switzerland played in the destruction of so many democracies, but first of all, in the destruction of the independent Ukraine.

I was prophetic many times as I spoke about this war. I pray that I am wrong, but sadly, it doesn’t look like I am. Russian Empire is about to come back and millions will die again, because the West is too divided, too focused on the wrong things and just refuses to finally understand Russia.