SMB Is The New Madoff, and Of Course He Is Jewish.

sam L
2 min readNov 27, 2022

We have seen this story before: aJew in finance ruins a company, defrauds millions and becomes the face of banking and financial institutions gone bad. A Jewish face no less, giving credence to the hypothesis that people like Ye and other antisemitic white nationalists proclaim: that Jews have too much power and that with that power they undermine the hard working non-Jews.

It’s a simple hypothesis with a seemingly clear culprit that is hard to argue with. Unless you take a minute to think. Neither Bernie or Sam Bankman Friend were that sophisticated. Both were brought down by very regular people who did basic due diligence. Both were held up by massive institutions that had an interest in both of them continuing their fraud. We blamed 2008 collapse on runaway wall street, on Lehman brothers and Bernie Madoff. We ignored the actions of Freddie and Fannie May, we ignored the actions of the Fed and the Treasury department. We ignored how the gentile firms were saved and the Jewish firms were allowed to fail.

Fourteen years later nothing changed. SMB was bankrolled by some of the largest venture firms in the world. Sequoia capital knows exactly what is happening in their portfolio companies. They loved what SMB was doing with his spending, his embezzlement and his lobbying. As Machiavelli’s Prince says: always have a charismatic fall guy. SMB was not the rumpled hair genius but the rumpled hair fool. He was part of the bubble rise and when it popped, the one holding the bag was him while everyone with any means had gotten out, leaving him alone to face the pitch forks.

This pattern would be surprising if it wasn’t so obvious and repeated so often. What is surprising is how no one seems to look at this pattern. Why would they? A Jewish kid takes the fall, there’s no reason to evaluate the system that allowed this massive loss of funds of investors. We can simply send him to jail, watch his company fail and rinse and repeat.

There will always be a stupid ambitious Jewish guy who wants to be in the club. As long as America exists, there will always be that Jewish guy who in the pursuit of joining the club will commit the same actions that the boys in the club commit, but he will be caught, he will go to jail and the system will continue. The “wealthy/powerful Jew” has always held a role in this system. The Jew doesn’t just exist because he survived, the Jew exists because the world needs the Jew to keep the system running.

The world needed Jesus to “die for their sins” and the world needs a Madoff and SMB to take the fall for their sins too. They are guilty, but they are guilty in the way that everyone can ignore everyone else and keep the fraud going until the next collapse with a Jewish idiot to take the fall.