Illegal Gun Article Part II

Type of Gun

This is data for mass shootings. One thing about mass shootings is the type of gun used. I decided to look at what is the effect of mass shootings when you allow the sale of a semi-automatic rifle. Well, it appears that a rifle is used the same amount as a pistol in mass shootings, but the result is 33% more people killed. Even more crazy is that the amount of people injured goes up more than 8 times!

A) Rifle and pistol used in mass shootings and the effect on deaths and injuries. B) Number of mass shooting incidents that involve rifles and pistols.

Poverty in Mass Shootings

One little caveat I noticed So while poverty did not explain murder or deaths in general. However, when applied to mass shootings, there does seem to be a link.

Mass shooting state poverty rate vs incidents of mass shootings.
Poverty vs Gun Rank with size being Death Rate.



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