How Evil Triumphs (It is Winning)

sam L
2 min readJul 24, 2022

There’s a big difference between good and evil. Good is working on building, and evil on breaking. To stop evil, one must actively stop building and focus on stop the destruction. This means to do good requires a choice: stop doing good or fight while all evil has to focus on is continue on doing evil.

This is what we are seeing in Ukraine. Putin is winning because those who seek to do good have moved back to the good they do in their lives. The world never mobilized for a long term battle. They thought stopping Putin initial advance would work, but Putin continues. As a result, his impact is being felt across all the various weak points in our society. With one war, Putin managed to push one pressure point across the globe and the globe is now responding to all the pain instead of looking at the cause. No one wants to address the cause because no one has the courage to stop Putin.

Where is the pain? It is in Europe as Europe is incapable of taking care of Ukrainians long term. It is in US where the Trump dismantled immigration is ignoring the tens of thousands of Ukrainians who don’t have a permit to work and are becoming homeless on American streets. It is the African countries that are not receiving Ukrainian grain shipments and whose population is beginning to starve. It is the climate of the world as the world chose to find coal and gas replacement for Putin instead of finding ways to shore up renewables.

This one war by a country where 60% of economy is actively destroying the climate through gas and oil exports, is causing chaos throughout the world. But the world is too focused on stopping the small evils, on building bandaids instead of fighting. The world watches Ukraine fight a juggernaut, lose its soldiers and cities thinking that it is Ukrainian problem, ignoring the starving people, the homeless people and the dying in the storms and heatwaves.

Good fights short battles while evil never rests, and the good in this world are losing because too many refuse to find the courage to fight.