Destruction of Ukraine’s Power Grid Show The West’s Inability To Think Ahead.

sam L
1 min readNov 23, 2022

In one or two days Russia destroyed 30% of Ukrainian power infrastructure. Most people in the west didn’t think about this much. After all, they still have 70% what’s to worry?

A lot to worry. Because if Russia can destroy 30% of Ukraine’s infrastructure in two days, it means they can destroy all of it in six more.

This is indeed what happened. Ukraine responded trying to fix things and the most they get is 50% fixed, but for Russia using Iranian drones the ability to destroy 30% more is easy.

So instead of responding with urgency to inflict damage to Iran for their drone supplies and to bring in weapons that could shield Ukrainian infrastructure, the world sat on its hands, while Russia pummeled Ukrainian power and gas, leaving Ukraine with a calamity of monumental proportions.

This was preventable. A cost of millions of dollars in aid and simple sanctions could have stopped a humanitarian crisis that will cost billions.

People never learn, the lazy have to work twice and the cheap have to pay twice. The West is always loath to do the right thing that is cheap and ends up paying for it 100x.