Democracy (?)Diary

sam L
11 min readNov 13, 2020

November 3rd
The vote happened, but no result. We already know Trump won’t concede. We hope for an overwhelming vote but we know they have been working to restrict the vote. 300,000 votes are lost in the mail in key states. At 8pm PCT it looks like Biden is winning, but then mail-in ballots are counted, by 10pm, there seems to be a glimmer of hope. All night there are riots in various cities.

November 4th
All-day there is no news, we watch Michigan and Wisconsin go to Biden and Trump lead lower in Penn, Nevada, Georgia. Trump files lawsuits to stop the count in those states but demands every vote to be counted in Arizona. Trump people descend on election centers in Arizona demanding the continuing of voting and in Philly demanding the end of the vote.

November 5th
We wake up to the news that Biden is on his way to leading. More lawsuits but the tension is palpable.

November 6th
He seems to overtake in key states, Nevada doesn’t move or moves at a snail’s pace.

November 7th
We wake up to the news that Biden won. Pennsylvania was called by AP and Nevada, Georgia was still being counted. Biden gives a speech, people celebrate, Trump does not accept. Cities celebrate.

November 8th
More lawsuits filed. Grahm backs Trump. Countries start to congratulate Biden.

November 9th
Esper is fired, others at pentagon resign. Romney backs Trump. Only four GOP senators congratulate Biden. Fox News shifts to fear tactics in reporting.
A USPS worker claims there is a fraud, that he saw ballot stuffing etc, there is no proof but there is now manufactured semblance of evidence. Trump begins his revenge, freezes pay for farmworkers.

November 10th
USPS guy recants but too late, the idea that there is evidence for GOP is there now.

November 11th

November 12th.
Trump “wins” a lawsuit. Pennsylvania will count 10,000 uncounted ballots. Trump is behind by 70,000 in that state. Georgia and Arizona will hand recount. A hand recount can shift historically by 300–400 votes. Trump is behind by over 10,000 in both states.

November 14th
“Million man MAGA” march happened, with 5000 people and a lot of Proud boys and KKK in DC. Trump showed up, drove through to show support. 0 of 12 lawsuits were won. But yet, his supporters love him just as much and support him, and march in San Diego by the waterfront and in LA and every place. It doesn’t matter that there is no evidence, their places don’t show the evidence and don’t have to.

November 16th
Trump is pulling out all the stops on his desire to do maximum damage. He had Barr release a Mexican General who killed 30 students and host of other crimes in a move that was called disgusting by career prosecutors, he is rushing through with the Alaska Refuge sale of permits to get drilling going, taking out troops from Afghanistan where the country is plunging into Civil War, undermining COVID response and refusing to work with Biden, ensuring that our death rate only grows and that hospitals get destroyed, and he is only warming up.. He has two more months and he will do his best to leave nothing behind, and Republicans will let him.

November 17th
Trump suits are getting thrown out, but the FoxNews machine and GOP continue to create the narrative, making those losses irrelevant. Rudy doesn’t know left from right, a complete show in court, but it doesn’t matter. The country has lost 250,000 people, but they don’t care. Trump lawyers want all votes in Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia invalidated because “Trump voters voted strongly” and because they voted strongly and want Trump a lot, which means it doesn’t matter that there are fewer of them. And when their operatives succeed in rescinding votes and people force them to do the right thing, the GOP and Fox claim that they were bullied. The GOP is ratcheting things up, creating another Benghazi with demands for investigations. It’s a never-ending embarrassment, lies claiming lies, fraud claiming fraud. It boggles the mind how the country is half lies, and yet, it makes sense, it always has been that way. All men are created equal, but ignore slavery. American Dream is about getting ahead, but ignore the poverty. We are a democracy and spread democracy, but ignore our support for Saudis. Republicans look at the world and accept the facts they like and ignore all else. This refusal to accept the vote isn’t new, it is par for the course.
What I don’t get is why no news network follows the lies that GOP says. If Trump lies, yes it is important, but we know he is a liar, we expect GOP to be more responsible, and yet, they are not and everyone is quiet about it.

December 10th
Several dozen lawsuits filed and thrown out by the courts. But Trump has not stopped. From a trickle, there is now a flow. 83% of Republicans do not believe that he lost the election. He like Hitler said, lye and repeat and he repeats the lie in every appearance and it is working. From all but four Republicans refusing to say that Biden won, 106 now demand that the results be overturned. 17 states have filed lawsuits to overturn mail-in voting. They will not rest, they will not stop and Democrats seem to be ignoring this. This destruction of Democracy will not end well.

December 26th
The 50 or so cases failed. It is hard to fathom how blatant this coup was. Never in history has someone tried to destroy elections so openly and yes with so little success. He wasn’t playing around, he really was trying, calling governors, threatening politicians. He got over 80% of Republicans and hundreds of Republican lawmakers are supposedly convinced that there was Voter fraud and yet now, it is coming out that there may indeed be fraud, but not with Democrats but in Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and other Republican races, where more people voted than registered and massive Republican votes in largely Democrat areas. Trump is angry at the Supreme Court, he is angry at America. He accelerated death cases, America now kills more prisoners than any other country. He pardoned every crook he ever worked with and then some including Manafort and Kushner Senior. But the icing on the cake is claiming that the COVID bill doesn’t go far enough the moment it passes when it is basically written by him and Republicans and then refusing to sign it because it has a Veto Proof majority, thereby condemning millions to evictions and poverty and Unemployment checks runout. It is cruel and criminal and yet, he is the president, he has the power and Americans just take it. This is just the beginning. Wife’s 99-year-old WWII veteran Grandmother has people banging on her door in the middle of the night because she has Biden lawn signs. A bomb blew up in Nashville. A Governor in Michigan was nearly abducted. A mayor in Dodge City had to leave town for trying to make people wear masks. It is insanity.

January 6th
For past few days Rep Hawley has been saying that he would oppose the counting of votes. The Electoral College did not listen to Trump. Trump called a Georgia Governor who released the tape of the phone call where Trump was trying to get the guy to “find votes”. Finally, January 6th came and Trump held a rally and the rally moved onto the Capital, where police let the armed men go into the capital who broke windows, broke into offices and a person was shot and killed inside the Capitol while the Congressmen and women had to hide in a bunker. Joe Biden came out condemning the violence and should have stopped after three sentences, he tried to convince us America is good, but failed to convince himself. Finally, hours later, the Congress voted but not before Hawley again, after everything that happened, tried to overturn the vote.

Hawley is a Stanford/Yale-educated lawyer who was an AG and clerked for Roberts. He knows it was a fair election, but he owes his seat to Trump. For some reason he figured this would be good for him, to continue this charade for Trump supporters, to give fuel to a lie. These smart educated people acting without morals, denying reality do the most damage and enable the insane people who just don’t know any better.

Trump finally said that he will leave the White House. On a run today I realized, that he watches Fox and OAN, his confidants are Rudy and his sons, he may actually believe that he won, he may actually believe that there was a fraud. I know he knows better, but he may fool himself. And then I realized that he is a conniving and calculated mobster, that he has been filing lawsuits and working his Social Media magic. That this is all premeditated and created long before the election and GOP and 150 Republicans Congressmen and women and millions of his supporters know better but prefer this to Democrats..

We shall see where this leads us.. 14 more days.

January 12th
We have learned a lot since January 6th. We learned it was premeditated. That Pentagon refused to let DC have a national guard, that many police were complicit. We learned that a police officer was dragged out of the building and bludgeoned to death, we learned that even after what happened, that some Republicans still objected to millions of votes being counted and argued for reversing the election. Dozens of cabinet members quit rather than call for the 25th Amendment to take power from Trump. Trump has said that what he said may have caused what happened but he was no wrong to say it. Democrats have filed articles of impeachment while Twitter and Facebook banned Trump and Apple banned Parler. Dozens of rioters were apprehended, hundreds of protesters were on no-fly lists. FBI put out a notice that hundreds of armed people plan to converge on every capital on inauguration day.

It is tough to truly comprehend what is happening, it is tough to understand. People are scared and I am not, because I saw this happening, four years ago. I just say: this is why I was freaking out in 2016, this is what I feared and this is what I wanted everyone to see, to be cognizant of what’s going. And now, here we are, and the question is, where do we go from here?

January 22nd.
January 20th went off in a strange way just the way that it should have. Trump left for the first time, quietly. He wanted to spite the administration, but his lack of appearance at the inauguration, made it feel presidential again. As a result of events on the 6th, there were no people on the mall. Everyone in the stands wore masks and sat socially distanced. Things felt normal in that there is a pandemic, these are normal things to do in a pandemic. Biden was Biden in good ways and bad. Amanda Gorman brought me to tears when she said that we are far from polished and pristine, but that does not mean that we aim for perfection, but a nation of purpose.
I came home and I changed my profile picture and I changed my background from Resist to a sunset. For the first time in four years, there was no need to resist, but to simply persist.

I thought on the threats on Biden, on the Union. It became clear that the attack on January 6th may have saved the country and may have created the type of inauguration we needed to have. As a result, National Guard was brought in and no one could be on the Mall. I am certain that if that didn’t happen, there would have been a tragedy. We have had too many Timothy McVeys to underestimate the evil that misguided white supremacist nationalists can wreak.

Instead, it was an inauguration of the lost, for the lost. The lost lives, the 400,000 people who died because they were not Trump voters, because he was inept because he was evil and callous and apathetic. There were hundreds of thousands of flags on the mall, representing the people who died. It was their inauguration. They had to in a sense give their lives to mobilize enough in this nation to vote, in spite of COVID, to vote a sick, maniacal administration and party out of the white house.

Over the next days, there was a sigh of relief. The daily bombardment of “Trump tweeted” ceased. We did not hear from him and it felt good. There were now normal and crazy Republicans, normal and crazy Democrats. Biden signed Executive Orders that brought us back to reality by getting us to do the right thing on climate, on the pipeline, on the wall, on the pandemic. Every day since has been like someone who was underwater, taking in deep breaths, each one bringing oxygen to an oxygen-starved body.

I don’t know what will happen. Antisemites are already attacking the self-identified as not-Jewish step-daughter of Harris. Republicans are attacking Biden for Covid spreading among National Guard due to an order that one Capitol Police officer gave on the day of the inauguration. There is uncertainty with the impeachment, what it will mean and how it will go.

However, we are hopeful, people are ready to work on the nation, to do the right things to get us to where we need to be. This administration won’t make things right or end challenges, within and without, but we will be better prepared for the external challenges and we will have overcome more challenges within.

February 8-13 Impeachment

Democrats impeached trump. The articles were not delivered before January 19 because Senate was not in session and McConnel said he won’t accept it if Senate is not in session. The trial was three days. House managers put on a masterpiece of an argument. 11 hours laying out how Trump moved the date of the protest, invited the protest, brought over violent groups and then set them on the Capitol, egged them on and gloated as the building was ransacked and vandalized. By some grace of God no officials were killed, but 5 people were, including protesters and police.
Trump’s lawyers: a prosecutor who refused to prosecute Cosby, an ambulance chaser and a mob attorney spent a few hours giving reasons to Republicans they can use to not convict. Republicans spent the time ignoring evidence and telling Fox how this was a waste of time. In the end, 7 Republicans voted to convict, only two of them are running for re-election, nearly all of them were censored by their states. GOP, a few days later posted a picture of Trump as if one more head of Rushmore. McConnel voted to aquit but said Trump did it, basically paving way for Trump to come back and keep his job while telling everyone that he knows Trump did it but doesn’t care. He used an argument that makes no sense, saying that as long as a president is no longer in power, you can’t impeach, even if his actions were in the last days that were meant to keep his office through violence. It’s a mockery of the government, of our system. But it’s par for the course, American Presidents are more than kings, kings do feel accountability, they are Gods, no one touches them.
This had the feeling of Hitler’s Munich putsche. This one failed but he’ll be back, thanks to Republicans in power and with the white supremacist support.