Day 9 They Still Think He’s Rational

sam L
2 min readMar 5, 2022


Today Putin called NATO’s final bluff, he won.

Putin shot down a Romainian jet and NATO was quiet. He shelled a nuclear power station, and they still said no to Zelenski's request for a No Fly. Why? The explanation is that if they do so, Europe will be dragged into a bigger conflict.

Let’s review this: Putin launched total war on a sovereign European nation. He has attempted to assassinate the president of that nation, multiple times. He has threatened the world with nuclear weapons and nearly exposed the entire continent to a nuclear blast. He threatened Sweden and Finland with military action if they join NATO and expressed a desire to invade Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

He has done all this, and Europe and the United States still think that this is a rational person who can be pacified, who can be bargained with, who can be rational.

This is a man that sent cremation chambers with his troops. He has outlawed sharing of information and has not budged in spite of a complete economic shut down of his country.

NATO is condemning Europe to a horrible war. The war will be fought either in Ukraine or in all the other countries, but not with Ukrainian soldiers by European soldiers side, but on the other side as Putin forces armies of Belarus and Ukraine to be the forward spear of the operation.

Ukraine is now armed with nato weapons, those weapons will be used against NATO should Ukraine fall.

This is a golden opportunity for NATO to fight this war in Ukraine, not in NATO and with a motivated and trained army, not against a motivated and trained army.

NATO must wake up. This is not a bargain, this is not a sacrifice, this is not a tactic that will work. It didn’t work with Hitler, it will not work with Putin.

A cowardly way is a tin shield and right now, NATO has a paper one.



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