Day 7: Ukraine Must Win.

Putin did this to Chechnya, killing up to 250,000 civilians to get 16,000 Chechen Fighters. The goal is to destroy anyone with any desire for freedom. Machiavelli said, people who lived with freedom won’t put up with being ruled, they have to be eliminated. This is why this war is not of tactical wins but the elimination of the will to be free.

Putin is destroying Ukraine not because it failed at democracy, but because it was succeeding at it, giving the Russian people a terrible example: one can have peace, security, freedom, stability, and prosperity. Ukraine showed that you don’t have to give up freedom and democracy to have prosperity. This is why this is personal, why he attacked on the day of the Maydan revolution, why his goal is “demilitarization” why he calls an effort to kill a Jewish President “DeNazification”. It is more than gaslighting, it is an antisemitic show of force to a Ukraine that would dare elect a Jew and show the world that Jews with power are a good thing, is a normal thing. That ethnic Jews in a nation can be equal patriots.

Why is this important to Europe? Because Ukraine was probably Europe’s best and biggest Army. In fact, Ukraine’s army is 1.2 million, compared to the next biggest Army (besides Belarus) is France with 300,000. If Putin wants to move on any country, there is virtually no one who can stop him. Considering that he has an army of 3 million compared to American 2 million. Even if all of NATO tried to fight him, in spite of our better weapons, it would be a terrible terrible war.

In fact, perhaps this is why Putin is fighting. Imagine if NATO had Ukraine’s 1.2 million person army, right next to Russia. It would tip things in NATO’s favor. If Putin wins, he will have Ukraine’s army just as he now has the Chechens. He will also have Belarus, where he clearly controls Lukashenko and as of last month, Kazachstan. Once he has Ukraine, he will use Ukraine as a buffer and use Ukrainians as front shock troops just as he did in World War II, which is why Ukrainian troops suffered more deaths than any other ethnicity.

The war is Putin’s Achilles heel. The Russians can handle a bad economy and sanctions, they can handle not going to Europe for vacations, they can handle anger from the world. The one thing they cannot handle is a shame. Like pulling out of Afghanistan or Chechnya in 1994 shame. Putin losing to “nazis and drug addicts” puts him in a fight at all costs because he knows that if he loses, he will lose his invincibility and Russian people will depose him, if he wins he will have the glory of taking on the world and winning.

Putin is vulnerable and he knows it. Ukrainians are fighting hard, the UN and the world is united, sanctions are going, his own people are against this war. If he wins, his popularity will go up, the world will lose momentum and be unable to stop his next incursion which he will be able to do now with the manpower of Ukraine. Repercussions for the world are even worse. If he wins, China will see that it can win in Taiwan, that the world will allow this kind of attack. Putin can also begin his plan for the Baltics.

The consequences for both Russia and the free world are dire and significant. We must help Ukraine succeed, if we do, we will most likely get rid of or decrease the danger of Putin. If we won’t, the monster will have only grown.

If you’d like to help the effort or refugees, please follow this link. It has approved organizations that are active in Ukraine.


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