Corona Diary

August 23 2022

Fauci is stepping down and republicans rejoice, finally they won’t have to deal with science anymore. It’s a strange thing as people still wear masks, sometimes. Schools say you don’t have to but doctors still do. Still variants pop up but in essence, people have moved on. I wonder when the doctors will stop wearing the mask? Will they ever? Or is this the new normal? It was a two year ordeal. People work from home more, people choose jobs they prefer, over a million people died in US and six million around the world. Hard to believe all those deaths, two years and it equates to all the Jews who died in the Holocaust. A little too coincidental, fresh for conspiracy theorists who still don’t believe in it. It is a strange time to be alive.

July 2022

It got me.
Don’t know how but I was out for three days. First day felt a little down, but was negative. Second day I had a fever and I crashed and didn’t wake up until third which when I tested positive within seconds. Third and fourth I spent in bed. Wife had to wear a mask and had to stay away from the daughter. Fifth was not bad, I could watch movies, read and get food. Sixth felt terrible again and hypochondria was taking over: what if I have the cytokinase storm. It wasn’t but there was the fear as the COVID goes up and down. Seventh I was ready to go out but couldn’t, still testing positive although just barely. Eigth, ninth and tenth were just plain annoying as I felt fine but still couldn’t touch my daughter, although I would start, while wearing a mask.

June 2022

I have been helping Ukrainians and they are just like Russians and Ukrainians in US, refuse to vaccinate. It’s a strange thing to see. I don’t understand it. We explain it, they have to get it, and yet they do not. One woman moved to Florida just to have her kids go to school without a vaccine. It is absurd.

May 4th

The United States is now over 30% vaccinated. The major peak is down, people are starting to go about their normal lives. Schools are now in session, and sports are going again, although lots of kids seem to be getting sick with COVID and transmitting it from one another and the test results do not seem to be reported.
Israel has virtually no cases and the country is at pretty much heard immunity as a result of swift vaccination. Although traveling to Israel is tough, only citizens can go, they have to be tested before leaving and upon arrival. In the airport is a massive tent just for taking COVID tests of all who arrive. Everyone must go into quarantine unless they test negative twice in 9 days or have proof of being sick, vaccinated and have antibodies. But as a result, the state is pretty much open, and bars allow people in, so long as you can show your vaccine passport.

January 12th

Israel has vaccinated a quarter of the eligible population. The United States distributed less than a quarter of the vaccines it has ordered. It ordered far too few and now we have shortages but also lack of logistics means that a month after having the vaccine, most of those who need it, don’t have it, as the spike continues with the new variant from England infecting people 50–70% faster.

October 2nd

RBG died (not of Rona), Republicans will of course put someone in her place, even after stealing Obama’s pick. Trump has the Rona and Joe showed America that he can go toe to toe with Trump. This year never stops with the surprises.

September 19th

There has been a long lull in posts. Not because nothing happened but because too much has happened. We had black lives matter protests we had Buggalloo right-wing riots, we had Trump clearing protesters for a photo-op with an upside-down bible to recreate a picture of Hitler, we had him sideline Fauci and bring in Dr. Atlas who is a radiologist and doesn’t believe in masks, we heard from Woodward how Trump is actually not as stupid as he talks in his briefings and rallies, but knew full well how bad the virus was but chose to play it up. He then somehow bought off the Middle East to create a peace plan with Israel to get Jews on his side while also courting Qanon which believes that Jews are reptilian pedophiles. He went after the Postal Service, having his Postmaster take away sorting machines and reduce hours, and claimed that voting by mail is a fraud while also telling people to vote twice a felony.

July 10th,

Much has happened in one month. George Floyd was shot, La Mesa was burned, mass protests happened every day and nearly every weekend, we saw mass surveillance by police and attacks on protesters by police physically and by administration physically and verbally. Trump protects Confederate flags, reposts White Power tweets and yet people support him. Some truly refuse to seem him as a racist. Things aren’t looking good in 2020.

Growth rate two months ago versus now.
Native American lands and death rates, the red is increasing.

May 30th

Hours blended into days and days into weeks. It’s hard to feel the difference between weekdays and weekends. I think the social distancing in some ways has become the new normal. Stores have opened up, but besides the young and the reckless, people are staying away. The trails are full, the beach is busy, but people wear masks and try to keep a distance.



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